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Jets To Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary

Jade Tree, 1998, CD, Various coloured vinyl

Today is Indie Rock day.

I don't listen to much indie rock because I don't like it compared to brutalcore but in the case of this band I have to make an exception because what they invented here is on another level.

So much indie rock and brit pop/rock we had to put up with in this country for years when most of it was terrible. I mean really there were some absolutely diabolical constructions of modern culture that were foistered on everyone that were born from egoistic hedonism rather than true artistic greatness.

Maybe it was obvious that they would produce something good here because the guy who writes the songs, Blake Schwarzenbach was in another great band called Jawbreaker. Enough could be written about that band.

Actually when I first heard this I thought "this is utter wank", because I had been listening to Korn, Coal Chamber and some other bands from the US in that vein and I disliked the English-sounding vocals here. What infact happened then is that I started to think that those bands were, er, not so great, and since then I realised that this is really quite awesome. Ever since I have thought that. Nothing has ever changed since then and I listen to those bands still, occasionally.

It's like they combined this British style of ironic witticism and allergory and applied some sublime melodies and turned it into a delight.

Every song is like some 4am-after-being-wasted-withered-genius mode of expression. Like every line is this paradox of nonsense and genius, like some other language that they have figured out. China Town is the best example of this and I can't think of many bands that reach this level of greatness.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-07-2012

Keywords : indie rock shoegaze?

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