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Eighteen Visions - Until The Ink Runs Out

Trustkill, Goodlife, 2000, CD, vinyl, pink vinyl

Around the time of the millenium there were several of these bands playing this often straight-edge "mosh metal". The roots come from 90s hardcore/metalcore but also with other influences such as more mainstream sounding metal and rock.

With this I half-expected some Shai-Hulud or Poison The Well type band with screamed/sung vocals heavy/quiet parts but really I was quite surprised because it is basically very brutal sounding throughout. There are mainly heavy downtuned riffs and guttural vocals. It never descends into any prententions or experiments. The production is good but there is some rawness and discordance in the vocals and guitar sound and so it is less clearcut than a band like Poison The Well say or Hopesfall. There aren't really memorable songs here either unlike the afforementioned bands, it's more a case of a long sequence of brutal pounding riffs and beatdowns. Maybe a band like Throwdown is more similar.

Fans of most of the heavier styles of metal, hardcore and punk could enjoy this.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-07-2012

Keywords : metalcore chaotic 90s hardcore

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