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Poison The Well - Tear From The Red

Trustkill, Goodlife, 2002, CD, Vinyl, Picture Disc vinyl

When this record was released I felt that it was disappointing compared to their last release "The Opposite Of December" which set a standard in this screaming metalcore style. That record had some memorable songs whereas I didn't feel that this did really. Infact it started to grate on me and sound pretentious and contrived. I mean this was before all those filthy bands that ran amok in this genre watering it down to a bunch of bullshit. Anyway I stopped listening to them after that and didn't listen to any of the later records.

Listening to it now 10 years later, I actually think its better than I thought at the time. I don't have the same ideas in my head so I could take it a bit differently. It's quite heavy as they have a lot of brutal riffs and then the quieter passages where there are some sung vocals. Most of the time it is some heavy pulverising riff and so there is scope for heavy music fans to like this regardless of pre-conceptions. They are certainly much heavier than bands such as Saetia, Alexisonfire and Hopesfall but they don't have the versatility, technicality or range of those bands. They create a consistent level of playing and tone throughout without any really weak or unsuitable tracks in there. It all fits togetherr overall as one piece which cannot be said of some of these bands that have come from the underground where there are just a bunch of songs thrown together.

Also what separated this from much of the screamo and metalcore that came before it was that the production was good and the playing is tight. It's not one of these raw, lo-fi sounding hardcore records where its noisy and discordant in some rambling cathartic style with DIY production. This is on the level of any mainstream, commercial acts of the time in terms of production.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-07-2012

Keywords : screamo metalcore

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