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Earth - Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light I

Southern Lord, 2011, CD, Limited coloured double vinyl

Recently I felt like nothing was exciting anymore. No new band or thing is exciting or like "wow". Gone are the days when we stayed up all night because we were so buzzed that the new Coal Chamber record was coming out the next day.

So I was getting this idea that this doom/drone style that everyone seems to have gone nuts about would do it for me. You know maybe this was it, this would buzz me. So I went all in and threw seventy British pounds at this record in both parts on vinyl. Y'know like "fuck it", let's see.

Well I put it on and after about 10 minutes I was still waiting for something to happen. I mean is this it? Is this what everyone thinks is cool now? This no beats to a bar misery. Is this what killed ska-punk and all those upbeat bands that seemed to be popular at one point? This post-everything fuck-it-all sound? You are kidding me with this. It's like modern art when people were cracking out a turd and smearing it on canvas because they were so disillusioned. At least some shit like Pelican has a tune. It is gonna take me some doing to get into this.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-07-2012

Keywords : post-rock doom drone dark ambient experimental rock

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