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Reveal - Through The Eye Of Perfection Evolution Dies Slowly

Goodlife, 1997, CD, Vinyl

Reveal were a pretty cool band from Holland that released a few records on Goodlife and Genet. You could consider them to be one of these new school 90s hardcore type bands like Unbroken or Overcome and a slew of other bands from the US, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

What they put into the music is passion and the whole thing sounds like some intense and dark personal experience with the screamed vocals that were typical of this style. There are fast parts, beatdowns, some melodies, quieter parts... really they map out some dynamics to create a dark and intense atmosphere. I think they toured with Catharsis once which gives you an idea.

Now this style can sound fairly dated and raw compared to more recent bands but it is one of the best records from that era still.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-06-2012

Keywords : metalcore

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