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Pelican - Pink Mammoth

Hydra Head, 2007, CD, Vinyl

This is a pretty cool release for Pelican fans and also for vinyl collectors. It was only released on vinyl in 5 different colour variations. The sleeve is high gloss with a great, ambient looking image and with another glossy inner sleeve. Still you might be able to get it for less than £10 but usually these releases on Hydra Head go fast and become rare and expensive to get hold of. Of course this sounds like some pretentious bullshit for our punk rock readers who live out of bins. We understand that but still you might want to get into this.

There are only 2 tracks. The A side is typical Pelican, a reworked version of "Mammoth" from their debut EP. I honestly can't remmeber that track specifically and so I can't compare, but this version gives you an idea of what this instrumental band is all about. There are these terms like "post-rock" or "post-metal" but really what does that mean? Some folks got sick of headbanging and whores and so they stopped singing and playing solos and just ended up mesmerized on some cosmically cycling repetitive riffs? Maybe.

What they seem to capture though is some kind of energy that transcends the regular songs and genres in the rock spectrum where personal and cultural is left behind for the cosmic and the absolute while still retaining some sense of human feeling. The energy of death, and of life as that same movement is captured in the way the song builds up and falls down again. In all their records I hear that. It's quite touching and sentimental sounding as though speaking some universal language.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-06-2012

Keywords : post-rock ambient instrumental rock

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