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All Pigs Must Die - God Is War

Southern Lord, 2011, CD, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl

So I had to get records sent to my grandmas recently because sometimes I'm not in y'know. So grandma starts receiving all these vinyl records I have been ordering. Then one night I came to collect them and opened them while she was there. "Anything I would like?". "Oh yeah grandma". So she has a look through them. Now she is from that generation where they went out dancing, like ballroom dancing and those kind of things. So she is appalled when she sees some of the sleeves. I mean it starts off ok with Broken Promises but by the time we get to All Pigs Must Die - God Is War she is saying things like "What on earth is this? How can you like this? It must fill your head with funny things.". Then I put the record on. "I think you better go home now".

Really though this is a great record. Fans of the Hope Conspiracy who were itching for some new material from the band can forget about that beacuse they have this which is just as good. The style is different, it's more like this old school thrash/crust/grind attack with an awesome, rich sound. Like before any of these attempts were made to introduce hardcore and brutal metal to the mainstream. Like when it was just some nerds who liked some sick Japanese crust band. Then.

What they make here is very fast and basically pulverising. Like totally fucking destroying everything in this unholy rampage. Sometimes it slows down to some sludge apocalypse, but there are no indulgences or excesses or unnecessaries. Sometimes there is some bass solo or wild guitar solo. But then we are back to the devastation. Baker's vocals sound just as pissed off, maybe more than on the Hope Con records. For someone in modern western society, it's quite reasonable to sound like that. Some of these metalcore band's singers sound ridiculous and contrived, it's hard to take them seriously. It ends up like a pantomime.

Probably the best thing I heard in a while.

Grandma doesn't know what she is on about.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-06-2012

Keywords : crustcore sludge metal holy terror doom kevin baker

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