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Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge

Victory, 2005, CD, Coloured Vinyl

Cleveland band Ringworm deliver yet another extremely brutal sounding record that is in a similar vein to their 2001 release "Birth Is Pain", also on Victory.

I think vocalist "Human Furnace" is one of the best in the whole punk/hardcore/metal arena. Basically he sounds so pissed off and utterly disgusted by it all. Not youthful, not beastlike, not macho, not contrived, just rasping and sickened. Honestly... it instantly slays about 1 million other bands. They just nail it all on that. Of course the lyrical themes are the usual... pain, death, misery, hell, god, death, suffering. Nobody is waltzing down the boulevard drinking Sunny Delight here.

The music is also really fitting to go with the vocals. You could say it was "punk rock", like really brutal and intense punk rock, but really it is more than that and probably some type of "hardcore" would describe it better. There are a lot of metal infuences and things going on and so it is very crushing aswell as fast in places with the odd solo. It's like a big brutalising mixture of punk, speed metal, grindcore and hardcore that is stripped down into concise pieces. There is no fucking about here experimenting with the latest trend or pretentious bullshit, they would have made something like this if it was 1992, 2002 or 2012.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-06-2012

Keywords : metalcore cleveland hardcore

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