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Ringworm - Birth Is Pain

Victory, 2001, CD

I woke up this morning at some horrific time and went outside. The Alsation dogs from the house on the hill down the road were barking. On and on it went. What the hell was it all about!? It was enough to drive a man to drink. So I went back inside and put Ringworm on. It was like listening to the dogs, but better. Every track is as brutal and as savage as the beasts that roam in hell. I can imagine what happens at their shows. Utter mayhem. I mean look at the cover of the record... how can you doubt them? Where is your faith?

They play this brutal, metallic kind of hardcore to perfection. The sound of each instrument is rich and clear, and just right for this kind of thing. Vocalist Human Furnace is one of my favourite in this whole thing. He sounds so sickened and angry but not stylised in a way and so it sounds ridiculous in some direction. Like it's not too beastlike, not too macho, not too young sounding, real good rasping fury. Seriously it's one of my favourites. I don't care that there is no variation, there doesn't need to be. Every track works well here and you can listen this in one session without getting bored. They even throw in some solos like Integrity do.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-11-2011

Keywords : holy terror metalcore metal cleveland hardcore

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