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Every Time I Die - Hot Damn!

Ferret, Roadrunner, Suburban Home, 2003, CD, Coloured Vinyl

This was probably the peak of metalcore before it headed on a downhill trajectory. Actually I can't be bothered even going on about it, there is some shit written elsewhere on this site that would cover what I think.

So anyway Every Time I Die made this chaotic style quite well. It was really at a peak around the time this was released. There were other bands like Converge of course, 18 Visions, Minus etc. but they really got a heavy and chaotic sound that made it sound like a madman on a crack and whores bender.

Whereas other bands had a more straight-forward approach with regular power chords and rhythms, here they add in some strange chords, time changes and chaotic riffs. The vocals oscillate between "regular" screams and spoken ramblings. Kiss It Goodbye they remind me of on occasions but there are a lot of other influences and also a lot of other similar bands. Few did it this well though which is probably why Roadrunner released this in conjunction with Ferret or whatever the deal was.

None of it is particularly memorable in the sense there are "songs" or catchy parts - it's more a feel they try and create, an overall barrage of mayhem. Of course it is very heavy, it's not some shit like Mr Bungle where they are playing deranged pop music, this is very metallic. It's hard going in one listen though, it could really send you over the edge if you were fainted.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-06-2012

Keywords : 90s chaotic hardcore

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