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Atreyu - Suicide Notes And Butterly Kisses

Victory, 2002, CD, Vinyl

This is when a lot of nu-metal kids had stopped listening to nu-metal and started having a go at this metalcore style that had come through the underground. And really it was starting to suck now in ways that I didn't think were possible.

Infact I stopped listening to all forms of heavy metal for a while and started going to techno nights and getting fucked up on drugs because I was so upset.

This and these bands like Aiden have this cliched feel to them that mean it is hard for me to get into the whole thing and feel like anyone suffered a great deal or got that fucked up that they had an encounter with a discarnate being in order to resolve the shit that they were in.

It all goes back to that band from Florida called Red Roses For A Blue Lady which made this style what it is, this business about singing about broken hearts and the desperation. I listened their record so much once on repeat every day that I know what this shit should sound like if it is authentic. Since then there are maybe 100 bands I have become aware of that have attempted to fuck with the memory of RRFABL and none of them should be allowed to even put flowers by the graveside.

What about if I just try and forget that I ever knew about such a thing. What then?

Well on a purely musical level they are combining too many elements for it to be coherent. There is one riff halfway through the first song that is a good riff. Really that riff fucking rules. I mean really, they nailed it there, they pulled out the crack pipe there and came up with something that they should have been able to replicate throughout the entire song instead of the rest of the half-baked, cack-handed, metal riffs that flit in and out that were ripped off the Undying Whispered Lies Of Angels record.

I don't want to destroy it though because they still are a band that has the guts to play and express what they feel and there are some good riffs and parts. I can tell they lived and had some stories and there will be people who like this and relate to it. Probably I would have done if I was a lot younger at the time I heard it. Like if I was 14 or so it might have blown me away. It just seems to represent what I feel this style was to become rather than what I hoped it would be when I first got into it.

Reviewed by indigo on 02-06-2012

Keywords : metalcore rock and roll

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