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SkyCameFalling - 10.21

Ferret, 2000, CD

This is another release from the mid period metalcore era. Maybe you could call it "screamo" as some people have done as it is not strictly hardcore mixed with metal like the 90s metalcore bands. It was when some metallic sounding bands mixed in softer elements. Still the production was often quite raw around this time and the whole thing was mainly underground and basically an offshoot of the hardcore scene. It was only later that these bands like Poison The Well, Hopesfall, Atreyu and a million others became popular and the whole thing started to suck a lot because it became so cliched and overdone and not underground anymore.

Overall the sound is quite dark and the themes are morbid and melancholic. It feels like some sad story they are telling in each song which is set to the heavy metallic riffs and interspersed with quieter periods of clean guitar melodies or softer metallic parts. The intro track is some piano piece also which sets the tone for the whole melancholic festival.

It reminds me of the first Poison The Well record specifically but there were other bands like Saetia and a lot of European bands on labels like Genet, Sobermind, Lifeforce and Goodlife that had some bands that were trying this kind of thing.

I would say that fans of this style would really like this as much as any of those other bands at the time but newer fans of bands like Thursday, Hopesfall, Atreyu and the like will find this too raw and dated.

Reviewed by indigo on 02-06-2012

Keywords : metalcore screamo

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