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Reprisal - Mailorder Knife Set

Goodlife, 2002, CD, Vinyl

This is the third album by Italian brutal-core band Reprisal on Goodlife Recordings.

I actually think it is one of the best records on Goodlife and one of the best metalcore bands from the start of the millenium. They have such a brutal sound of basic metalcore and east-coast sounding hardcore. It's not really any raw shit as the production is pretty good which back then was maybe 50/50 as to whether any random metalcore record had good production.

I wouldn't say it's influenced that much by death metal from what I can tell, as a lot of bands were, it's more east-coast bands like Madball, All Out War and quite a few others. So the pace is not fast but more mid, slow paced even, but with this great groove where it just gets going into some pit frenzy with double bass drumming. They do it as well as any of the US bands. You can imagine it all kicking off like total fucking bedlam at the shows. I never saw them but I can imagine.

Of course this is all quite macho sounding this type of music and some people get funny about that, but it just rules completely because it sounds so brutal and well-cooked. The band were promoting vegan and straight-edge messages also from what I can tell.

There are a few other tracks where things are not the usual brutal pit mosh though and 2 of them are like clean guitar instrumentals which don't seem that necessary, but they are rather nice. Also there is one track which sounds like Godflesh or Integrity and infact Dwid from Integrity contributes vocals to it. Integrity fans will like that as will most metalcore fans.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-06-2012

Keywords : metalcore thugcore east coast hardcore dwid hellion vegan straight-edge

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