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Between The Buried And Me - Alaska

Victory, 2005, CD, Vinyl on 2x12" coloured

This is where they really got going into some math-metal-prog-hardcore frenzy.

Right from the start it sounds berzerk. So many riffs and pieces and sections. How the fuck do they remember it all?

It doesn't really get me buzzing or revved up like some metalcore does. Like these bands like As I Lay Dying or As Hope Dies when the structure and pattern is clear and it gets buzzing pretty fast. With this, it's not that kind of style, that is not the point of this. It's not for some windmilling frenzy at the local heads-get-kicked-in mosh.

There are so many riffs and bits and pieces and at any random time where something good has not happened for a while they throw in something amazing. Like on the first album there is that where there is some break from the brutal prog-math-metal carnival to dive into some beautiful singing, clean instruments sublimity that goes on for minutes. On Selkies, track 4 and Backwards Marathon, track 7, this happens and it rules so much it makes up for any wayward metal sillyness that they sometimes get immersed in.

Furthermore! There is Medicine Wheel and Breathe In, Breathe Out which are some amazing instrumental pieces right up there with anything that was ever made by Metallica or any other metal band when they did anything like that.

In a way they are too good at what they are doing and they are taking the piss and none of these other jokers fooling around with guitars are anywhere near this level. None of those bands copying Thursday or the first Poison The Well record; none of those modern metalcore cock-suckers are anywhere near this.

The end.

Reviewed by indigo on 29-05-2012

Keywords : math metal prog metal metalcore epic metal experimental metal death metal

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