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Integrity / Rot In Hell split - Black Heksen Rise

Thirty Days Of Night, 2011, 2 x 7" Vinyl, gatefold sleeve with booklet

This is a pretty good release from metalcore veterans Integrity and new UK band Rot In Hell. It could persuade you to buy a record player just so you could check this out. There are 2 7"s, some of which are on coloured vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with a booklet with some drawings in it and some stories. One of the pressings on white vinyl were all signed by Integrity vocalist Dwid. Only 100 of these were made plus another 500 on blue and green and another 100 on black.

The booklet contains some kind of dark endtime story that is narrated through a few of the Integrity tracks. I can't say I'm that into that but fans of the band might like it.

The music is pretty good though from both bands. Integrity have this powerful sound of epic brutal metalcore and with some guitar solos which is what always seemed different about Cleveland hardcore right from the early 90s. Over the years their sound has changed and progressed but vocalist Dwid still seems to be able to create some unholy roar that sounds like it could wipe out whole armies.

There are 3 other Integrity tracks which are narratives of the story in the booklet. The overall feel is like some dark ambient setting of some underground post-industrial hell with 1 of the tracks having heavy distortion on the vocals.

The 4th Integrity track is some strummed clean guitar with more distorted voices in the background. Again you might like it if that is your thing and you want to sit there in the dark listening to some lullaby of doom.

Rot In Hell offer some similar type of metalcore to Integrity with this driving epic sound. The UK doesn't usually produce many good hardcore bands probably because the people here give a fuck too much and haven't had the melting pot of modern America to create such a stew. Maybe there are other reasons too, but here this band totally rule and the vocals make this sound pulverising and brutal. Definately I could listen more of this shit and it would rule.

The second track they offer is this accoustic apocalyptic jam of doom. Of course this could suck for 100 different reasons, but it doesn't and you could use it on some film as some backing to something unholy or something monumental.

Reviewed by indigo on 29-05-2012

Keywords : holy terror metalcore dwid hellion cleveland hardcore

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