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Undying - This Day All Gods Die

Fifth Column Conspiracy, One Day Savior, 1999, CD

This is from the time of early-mid metalcore where the production of the records was still quite raw and the whole thing was born from the hardore scene and from the values of that scene at the time. There was a lot of political and ethical things ideas going into the music... straight-edge, veganism, anti-capitalism, etc. Most of the bands were from the US but there were also a lot from Europe - particularly Belgian, Holland, Italy, Germany and the UK. In the records there would be explanations of the lyrics and long monologues in the notes and at the shows. There was a lot of energy there at those shows. Nothing to do with any of the cock-rock bullshit there was in the mainstream rock and metal scenes. Really that was the big thing you could feel if you were aware of that. It was not the hedonistic feel that there would be at rock concerts, and not even the rebelious, delinquent misanthropy of nu-metal. It was something else that was more serious, as if the date for the end of the world was now known.

On these 5 tracks the music is similar to on the full-length that was released a year after. It's not so much about being brutal, more about creating some atmosphere to express the ideas in the lyrics. Like an overall feel of holy devastation. The basic pattern is to have some death-metal type verses that are quite fast and then some beatdowns and breaks where some melodies are played and it sounds like some symphonic battle against the forces of hell.

Of course if you play this to some regular person who thinks Lady Gaga is some dark shit then they will think this is terrible, unholy noise. But they would never get anything, so there is no need to care. This is for the people who were outside of the whole filthy modern culture in the first place. So many bands and their fans claim this kind of rebellion and after a while it gets tiresome to hear the same cliches and bunch of bullshit paraded around that ostensibly some 70s rockers started up.

What you have here is a lot more authentic and serious and the ideas expressed here regarding the origin of modern culture and the destructive effects of it are a lot more academic and thought-out. Really you could say that the whole point of this band and some of the others from that scene at the time was to make music to express their ideals and ethos. To that end they do it as well as any of those bands.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-05-2012

Keywords : deathcore metalcore vegan straight-edge

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