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Prayer For Cleansing - Rain In Endless Fall

???, 1999, CD, Blue Marbled Vinyl on some weird label with only 300 made. If you have this and would like to sell it, please contact us.

I was hoping this would be like Undying when I first got hold of this. Mainly it is but there is not the end-of-the-world, every breath matters feel to it or the level of overall coherence in the style and theme that the Undying record has, or the records that the band Catharsis released.

For the most part they play this mid-period type of metalcore that was infused with death-metal riffs and loads of palm-muted mosh and beatdown parts. Particularly though with this band and Undying, before most other metalcore bands, they used a lot of minor key melodic lead riffs that both guitars would play to break up the main mosh frenzy that were harmonised. This automatically made it better than 1000 other bands. Also of course there are the impassioned, screamed vocals on serious themes relating to spiritual and trans-personal subjects.

The sound is like a lot of metalcore from that time in that it is not overly produced like metal records or general rock records were at the time, as these were basically hardcore bands who could play their instruments. The guitar tone and sound I really like because it sounds very metallic but not tinny or over-produed. The vocals are quite primitive sounding, maybe even like black metal bands but it fits with the music. A lot of bands had this kind of overall sound back then. Too many to mention.

It's just that sometimes they throw something else into the mix like some sung vocals or spoken part that doesn't seem to fit aswell as it could and also some riffs or pieces that seem more like ideas than actually some brutal necessity.

I mean let's be clear here, it still rules completely over a million other bands and the technicality is there that would later be part of Between The Buried And Me ( which they went on to form ). The opening riff on Sonet, which is one of the stand-out tracks is totally nuts for anything that was going on at the time and could raise corpses from the dead just at the energy that is built up in knowing that the drums will come in and there will be some screaming on top.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-05-2012

Keywords : deathcore metalcore holy terror

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