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All Pigs Must Die - s/t

Nonbeliever, 2010, Vinyl

It's like they starting playing this crusty, d-beat, noisy thrash din to offset what happened with the metalcore scene and style. Before it was all about that, I'm talking like 2000 or so, but then it seemed that the metalcore scene became very mainstream as all the bullshit from nu-metal evaporated and this heavy screaming metalcore style became very acceptable. Before if you played some shit like As I Lay Dying to some regular rockers they would laugh at you and think it was totally extreme and brutal. But then every cocksucker started to accept that kind of thing and these folks who were in metalcore bands that were actually good before it went to shit realised that the whole thing had turned into some very-polished, showy, fake bullshit-cockrock-fest that was not any kind of thing that had brought them there to it in the first place. So then I think those folks and whoever would have been those folks, but now, that were coming in decided to make it rawer and take it back to the roots of it and away from these motherfuckers and their haircuts. Obviously you have to make it more raw sounding and less giving-a-fuck, away from this over-produced, technical bullshit. Basically more towards crust-punk, early hardcore, grindcore, early thrash... black and white album sleeves, Plutocracy LP found smeared in shit in the basement etc. Anyway, they did that pretty good here. Members of Converge and Hope Conspiracy would find it hard to mess it up that much and produce some utter shit. The sound is quite rich and well-made, it's not totally crusty or old-school anything, it's more like there is a nod to that. It would suck too much if the recording was not done properly anyway, it would not sound heavy, like when you get those records from the 80s and although you want to think it rules, it can't because the whole thing sounds as weak as piss and like the bass is actually a guitar and the drums are biscuit tins. So it's more the style of the music that is influenced by old-school punk and thrash. Really there are a lot of bands that led up to this but more recent things I can think of are bands like Integrity, the last Hope Con record and some other bands on Deathwish like Trap Them. The basic riffing pattern is this old-school crusty thrash at reasonable pace and then some brutal as fuck breakdown at some point. Even a breakdown at the start. Of course Kevin Baker makes the whole thing sound like hell is being raised because of his vocal style which he brings from the Hope Con records. It never beats the style on Endnote for me, which sounds like he is in a locked room and completely and utterly done with everything, but some folks will prefer this which is more like Death Knows Your Name style. Finally there is some bit on the first track which is like that sick riff and breakdown on Angel Of Death which was so fucked up at the time that it was to the rock scene what the Thriller video was to the general public at the time.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-05-2012

Keywords : crustcore sludge metal doom kevin baker

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