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Before The Dawn - My Darkness

Locomotive Music, Mazzar Records, M&I company Ltd, 2003, CD

I don't really know much about this style "gothic metal". I know there were these bands like HIM and Evanescence that got pretty big and some people were into them but I never really got into any of that. Here Finnish band Before The Dawn offer up something that is quite listenable and accessible while still retaining a heavy feel. I know it's their first record from 2003 and there are probably more recent examples of this band or this style but this is the first type of record like this that I really listened.

The basic pattern is this like epic, cosmic rocking euro metal sound where there are some simple melodies along with some heavy distorted backing riffs. It's not some technical euro death metal riff-fest or anything, more like euro-vision. Then the singer screams in some death metal way or sings some soul-searching sonnets. Also there are some keyboards to add to it making it sound more cosmic and awe inspiring.

Really I like it a lot. So much shit now is post-this or post-that or some modern mindfuck just to listen to, but here they keep this simple fairytale feel to it so really anyone could listen to it from any background. The lyrics are quite easy to relate to and not some cannabal holocaust-bodies-piled-up frenzy.

I can imagine liking this as a teenager before I realised that Agoraphpobic Nosebleed existed.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-05-2012

Keywords : gothic metal euro metal viking metal

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