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Remove The Veil - Another Way Home

Facedown, 2007, CD, Vinyl

This reminds me of the time in the 90s when most metal you could get to know about had this American, southern groove going on. It's not even nu-metal we are talking about. Even in 92 and 93 there was still an extreme amount of cock rock. People think it was all over by then because of grunge, but it never was. I mean you still had Adam Bomb touring in these small towns in Yorkshire late into the 2000s, and even now probably.

So this is on Facedown and I had this idea that Facedown = hardcore, but this isn't anything to do with hardcore apart from some of the screaming maybe. They are from Alabama and so I can hear where some of their influences come from. It reminds me of the sludge-metal band Soilent Green a bit with the vocals and some of the riffs and I am pretty sure they are from that region. It's pretty decent stuff if you like that kind of thing... reminds me of the era in the 90s when this kind of style was the prevalent style in heavy metal.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-05-2012

Keywords : groove metal southern metal sludge metal rock and roll scuzz rock

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