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Time Flies - On Our Way

Indecision, 1999, CD, Vinyl

Time Flies play typical old-school youth-crew type hardcore like a lot of bands, but it seems to have more energy, depth and quality to it than most. We are not talking any of this modern hardcore here like American Nightmare and The Hope Conspiracy created, but more this 88 sound that bands like In My Eyes and Carry On revived around the turn of the millenium. There are many others but those 2 stand out because they sound like this and were on the go in the same time frame. None of this is down-tuned or particularly metallic and this style has much more in common with punk rock and old old school hardcore from 84 and any other raucous shit from a long time ago than any of the metalcore or newer hardcore bands of the 90s and beyond.

Each song is between 1 and 3 minutes and has the usual fast parts, gang-vocal backups and breakdowns. Like I say, although it's very generic, it's done better than most

Reviewed by indigo on 25-04-2012

Keywords : 88 hardcore old school hardcore

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