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Torche - Meanderthal

Robotic Empire, 2008, CD, Vinyl, Orange Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl

I heard a lot about this band but I can't say I really understand what this is all about. Like some new grunge with the drone effect plus some post-hardcore and stoner rock influence. Actually without any of that it could be some 70s rock. I can see how it might get good if I liked being stoned or if I just listened to it a lot but at first nothing is happening when I listen to it, Even after listening to it a lot more nothing is happening to me. It's like something that I am intellectualising or appreciating with concepts, looking at how this bit is from this influence or this bit sounds interesting, but without it really taking me anywhere. Occasionally like on "Healer" and "Fat Waves" I feel something happening, some spiritual feeling or such like and so I will carry on listening to it and find some of their other records.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-04-2012

Keywords : stoner rock drone rock psychedelic rock

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