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Lock Up - Necropolis Transparent

Nuclear Blast, 2011, CD, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl

Members from Napalm Death, Carcass and At The Gates? Already you think it will be good and it doesn't disappoint.

What they created is this brutal thrash/grind sound that never lets up. The riffs are like these old-school thrash riffs where there are a lot of power chords played fast in some chaotic a-melodic way. Sometimes there are also the trill, lead riffs that you get in death metal and grind where a sequence of notes is played with each note played several times extremely quickly to produce some evil sounding movement. The blast beat drumming is there of course and the vocals are really good, not silly or strange. You could compare this kind of sound to a lot of the bands on Relapse like Burnt By the Sun and Nasum, like this really heavy and brutal death/grind/thrash. What helps though is the production which makes it all sound clear and brutal and has some slight effect like these drone bands to make it sound more diabolical.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-04-2012

Keywords : grindcore thrash metal

This record rated by users : 4 ( out of 5 ) from 1 votes.