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No Innocent Victim - To Burn Again

Facedown, Blood And Ink, 2005, CD, Vinyl

This is their last album released in 2005. Looking at the cover I had a guess that this rules. It does.

For a while I was listening to some complex hardcore/metal bands like At The Drive In, Fall Of Troy and some other bands like Cursive but then some bastards screwed me over and so I stopped listening to all that pretentious bollocks and started to listen to bands like No Innocent Victim. Before I might have thought that it seemed too brutal and simplistic and thugish, but now I am quite happy with that. Infact that's why I listen to it. I am pretty sure at least one song is about being fucked over.

It's not exactly old-school hardcore like from the 80s but it has more of a straight-forward hardcore sound than these newer metlacore bands. There are no death metal lead riffs or evil sounding slayer-inspired riffs - it's not that type of hardcore. Maybe more like Integrity, Ringworm, Hatebreed.

What makes these kind of bands is the groove they create, not just within each song, but across the record. Here they do that to create some head-pounding brutality.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-03-2012

Keywords : hardcore thugcore

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