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Godflesh - Songs Of Love And Hate

Earache, 1996, Cd, Vinyl

This is actually quite an underrated yet influential record.

When I first bought it I was just some kid who wanted some heavy metal shit like Sepultura or Machine Head and so this was disappointing in that respect. I wanted some songs, with choruses, melodies, shouting, but it's not really about that. What Godlfesh create is a dark kind of industrial ambience. Each track has this repetitive, mechanistic brutality where some simple groove metal riff is repeated alongside industrial beats. The bass comes in and sounds like some hideous machine in the dark depths of some factory doing some wrong thing or some farm tool used to pummel the land. It all creates this repetitive, churning phantasm where some shouted vocals, of what sound like some sickened worker, occasionally break the beligerant repetition. Towards the end of the track things often build into some crescendo where the true accomplishment of this band can be appreciated in its full as the dark industrial monstrosity becomes mesmerizing.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-03-2012

Keywords : industrial metal 90s groove metal sludge metal avant-garde dark ambient

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