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Adamantium - When It Rains It Pours

Indecision, 2000, CD, White Vinyl

I don't know so much about this band apart from that they released a split 7" with Bane that is now hard to find.

This record sounds like this older style of metalcore from the 90s where the production and mix was often quite raw with distorted guitars and vocals high in the mix. Specifically this band Chokehold I am thinking of but also Throwdown with this style that was sometimes known as "moshcore". Like where there was a lot of staccato riffing and slow beatdowns with the bands often promoting straight-edge and vegan lifestyles. They also throw in some evil sounding lead riffs here and there and there is some apocalyptic type feel to a lot of it. Really it just struck me as how utterly deranged and brutal it sounds if you were not familiar with this style of music. For anyone who is well-versed in this genre it sounds so familiar and easy to understand, and acceptable, but if you just came at it fresh you might think this was some sickened monstrosity. I guess the effect that some of these bands had, in that this style became quite well-known although it is quite a bit different from what is now known as metalcore where the production is often a lot better and quite often there is more melody.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-03-2012

Keywords : metalcore 90s chaotic hardcore

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