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NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean

Epitaph, 1992, CD, Vinyl, Remastered Vinyl on various colours

In a way this is one of NoFX's best records simply for the fact that is contains some of their classic and best songs like Stickin' In My Eye, Bob, Liza And Louise, Straight Edge and Please Play This Song On The Radio amonst others. It was when they were joined by El Hefe who added something else on guitar with these ironic kind of pop/soul/rock songs. This is exemplified by the cover of Minor Threat's Straight Edge which totally re-invents the song. The writing overall is better than on previous records but it doesn't flow as well as their next record Punk In Drublic with some average thrashy pop-punk songs. These kind of songs seem to be better on the latter record where the band created some kind of soaring melancholic style alongside their comedy numbers. Specifically I am talking about Linoleum, Lori Meyers and Dying Degree, the likes of which are not on this record.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-03-2012

Keywords : punk rock pop punk ska punk

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