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Rancid - Lets Go

Epitaph, 1994, CD, 2x 10" White Vinyl, 2xPicture Disc, Picture Re-issue in 2004

Rancid blew everyone away with their drunken street punk rabble. Forming out of the ashes of equally great Operation Ivy, this is their second album of punk and roll that just goes on and on like a party where the beer just keeps flowing. They became one of the main bands of the punk revival of the 90s but retained more underground and street credibility than many of the bands that became commercially successful during that time. They were also more influenced by English acts such as The Clash rather than the American punk and hardcore heritage that their peers were born from. The dual vocals were a great idea but really they could write a tune that could appeal to any rock or punk fan. Also the bass playing is amazingly good for this type of band and style which is often known for its simple songs and compositions.

So loads of kids in rock clubs up and down the country would come to know them through the classic "Time Bomb" which is on the later record And Out Come The Wolves. Here through the 23 tracks there are plenty of good songs to please fans but anyone new to them should probably check out And Out Come The Wolves first. In Japan it got huge, hardly anyone under the age of 25 did not have that record. Infact once I saw a band from Japan that covered Time Bomb and played it twice at one of their shows, such was their influence.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-03-2012

Keywords : street punk punk rock

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