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Pennywise - Wildcard / Word From The Wise

Theologian, 1992, CD, Vinyl

This is the real early sounding Pennywise from 1989 where it was less-refined and more a noisy punk racket. Obviously the production and technicality isn't on the level of later releases. It's not terrible or raw as hell just not like in the 90s where they got good at recording and mixing shit. Originally both the EPs here were self-produced but this was re-released by Theologian in 1992.

The sound is still distinguishable as Pennywise although the drumming patterns are not as fast and precise and the vocals are not the same as on their main records. There are some great moments though like with the classic No Way Out which is classic delinquent suburban thrash-skate-core that only Pennywise really nailed like no other band. Occasionally there are some funk type bits that are in there for some reason, but these never developed on later records into anything and it still sounds ok and not some suck experiment. Also of course is the final track which is a cover of Stand By Me, which is another Pennywise classic. Some kids buying it just for that I can remember.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-03-2012

Keywords : skate punk west coast hardcore pop punk

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