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Pennywise - Unknown Road

Epitaph, 1993, CD, Vinyl

This is Pennywise with their classic sound. They did well for the mainstream skatepunk and punk revival bands of the 90s in that they maintained some underground credibility, never creating some overly radio-friendly ditty that would sell millions. Probably "Society" on Full Circle was as close as it got for them, but really it remained as a rock club classic. Even kids who got into some dark death metal or hardcore would still listen or talk about this band favourably even if they were not down with this sound years later. They never changed their sound much over the 2 decades since their inception.

Every track on this release is practically a classic with their great rhythm sound of fast drumming, thrashy riffs and melodic vocals. With the piano intro at the start maybe you can tell that something good is going to happen and after a few tracks you know that it did. Take track 3, "Time To Burn" with that riff and the way it builds up and then track 4 which is another classic of suburban disillusionment. They even have broad scope to their lyrics although most are personal with positive themes and messages, almost paralelling the positive hardcore bands of the east-coast around the late 80s and early 90s.

Although later records would see them refine their sound more and create some slower, more rocking anthems allied with better production, this is the absolute classic skatepunk record that welded togerther thrash metal and californian punk and hardcore.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-03-2012

Keywords : skate punk west coast hardcore pop punk

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