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Between Us - Regrets And Apologies

Burning Heart, 2008, CD

In Sweden there have been a few bands like this that play this fast old school sounding punk rock/hardcore but with some melody in it. No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers are more well known, or at least were a long time ago, but also there are these bands like Section 8, Raised Fist and Between Us that play this fast and burning rasping hardcore but with some melodies in there. Infact it reminds me of Section 8 a lot because of the way they layer some non-power chords on top of the usual riffing patterns and make this more emotive sound that sometimes breaks down into more soul-searching type passages of epic rock. Basically, it fucking rules. All 6 tracks of it.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-03-2012

Keywords : old school hardcore punk rock

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