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Engine 88 - Flies And Death 'N Stuff

Wingnut, 1998, CD

Engine 88 continue on from 1996's Snowman, with this great type of emo/indie rock. It always seemed like some less-well known band that should be more well known. There was no fuss though, no hype.

They know how to create these great subtle and intelligent pop punk songs with off-kilter melodies and clever guitar interplay. When I say "pop punk" I don't mean anything like Blink 182, New Found Glory or even NoFX and Fat Wreck or Epitaph bands, I mean this lower-key altogether more intelligent and melacholic type of sound that bands on Dischord were putting out. Also probably some indie rock bands it sounds like which I don't know about but can imagine. The songs here are more introspective sounding and gentler than those on Snowman but still as good and with as much class.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-03-2012

Keywords : emo indie rock

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