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Ignite - A Place Called Home

TVT, Supersonic, 2000, CD, Vinyl

Ignite along with other west coast bands seemed to have the ability to write punk rock and hardcore songs with a lot of melody. There is the anger and the raucous sound but the focal point is often the melodies. This led to bands like Bad Religion and Pennywise getting wide recognition because of the catchy song-writing. Ignite did too but maybe not so much as those bands. Here they go for a similar approach of classic sounding west coast hardcore punk with catchy choruses and sing-alongs. It helps that the singer can actually sing a few notes. You can listen to the stories he sings about which include social and personal issues. Most of the tracks are really good but it might be best to get Past Our Means on Revelation to check out classic Ignite as this is a more developed sound with some slower songs.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-03-2012

Keywords : 88 hardcore west coast hardcore old school hardcore

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