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Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town

Ferret, Suburban Home, 2001, CD, Coloured Vinyl

If you were to describe this without any reference points to the lineage and style of bands that this is immersed in, then you could say simply that it is punk rock. Loud, pissed off and heavy. But really what you have here is big scene, a big culture of this kind of thing with all kinds of antecedents. Around the start of the millenium this style really came into its own, this chaotic hardcore/metalcore rampage. Before that there were a few bands getting going with it like Converge, Cave In, Botch etc. but by 2001 there were such things as Every Time I Die which threw a load of gasoline onto that fire and came up with something that incorporated what had come before it plus a load more other influences and sounds ranging from Dischord style "emo" punk, San Diego hardcore and East Coast hardcore plus maybe a few more mainstream bands like The Jesus Lizard, Glassjaw and Faith No More.

Is it good though? Yes.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-03-2012

Keywords : 90s chaotic hardcore metalcore math metal noisecore alternative metal

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