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NOFX - Punk In drublic

Epitaph, 1994, CD, Vinyl, probably some other formats like tape and minidisc and some vinyl special edition

This was the best NoFX record. They know it aswell and so they started releasing stuff like Cokie The Clown and Fuck The Kids and 50 songs that were all as short and shit as each other. Infact when that record came out where every band played a song of very short length, you cannot imagine how many Japanese kids wanted that record. There were kids who didn't even like NoFX or punk rock or guitar rock or AOR or MOR or cock rock and they were asking all day where they could get it. In the end I gave them my copy.

So 1994 was a pretty good year for this punk-revival style because Green Day, Offspring, Pennywise, NoFX and Bad Religion all released good records. Rancid aswell were close to releasing "And Out Come The Wolves". Even Guttermouth probably knocked something out that was half-decent. Also there were a lot of other bands gearing up for a good run at it with records that did not suck.

Just about every song is good on this even the joke ones, which is all of them practically. Really it's classic after classic. When they released that Best Of Comp, they should have just re-released this and added Bob, Stickin In My Eye and Liza and Louise on the end.

Reviewed by indigo on 07-03-2012

Keywords : punk rock pop punk

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