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As Hope Dies - Legions Bow To a Faceless God

Undecided, Forest Moon Special Products, 2003, CD, Gatefold Clear Vinyl with Red and Blue Splatter

Something called "Forest Moon Special Products" decided to re-release this record that originally came out in 2003 on Undecided Records. They made a 500 run vinyl version of splattered colours. The reason such an awesomely-named thing decided to re-release this is because it rules.

They pulled this death-metal/hardcore shit better than I have heard in years. Before all those cock-suckers came along with their shitty bands, when it was just bands like Undying and Prayer For A Cleansing, they blasted this out with its brutal, epic sound and melodic riffs. Really its the best thing I have ever heard. There is no bullshit either where some kid sings about his girlfriend, it's just brutal sounding vocals throughout, but not like in some guttural thug way or beastlike, just brutal, like As I Lay Dying but better.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-03-2012

Keywords : deathcore

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