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Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down

Hopeless, Burning Heart, Bitzcore, 2006, CD, Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl

Once when we were about 10 we were reading Kerrang! or Metal Hammer and there was this term "AOR", and also this other "MOR", which kept appearing in relation to certain bands. So I asked my buddy what it meant because I got sick of not knowing. He just said "look... if you see that about any band it just means it sucks". And that was that.

Now I'm not saying this is some suck mainstream radio pop, but it's getting close. Maybe before you could have described some of their records as being "punk" or "pop punk" or something like that, now there is not anything going on here like that. They have some songs with hooks and melodies and the melancholy but it doesn't buzz as much as You Are Freaking Me Out or even the records either side of that. Maybe I have to listen to it more to appreciate it differently which might change how it feels.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-03-2012

Keywords : alternative rock pop rock

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