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Cattle Decapitation - Karma. Bloody. Karma

Metal Blade, Accident Prone, 2006, CD, Limited Picture Disc Vinyl

What they have produced here is a sickening monstrosity of a creation. If you wanted to hear some technical and accomplished extreme metal that was truly heavy and brutal and not some mainstream bullshit that pretends to be heavy metal but is actually some kind of cock rock or pop music, then you could get hold of one of Cattle Decapitation's releases.

Mixing together various sub-genres of extreme metal they manage to create a real thick stew of aural psychotic derangement. As soon as it kicks off they are straight into some furious dual-guitar riffs with pummeling bass and blast beats where the whole thing sounds like some wild west steam train careering off the tracks into hell itself.

Never does it let up. Certainly there are no softer passages of melodic singing or softer instrumental melodic interludes like some of these bands have attempted. Forget about anything like that. Occasionally there are some slower sludgy sections with some warped vocals or a brief dark melodic lead riff, but these do not last longer than 10 or 20 seconds and the normal fast and furious demented technical brutality is back on again. The proficiency is quite astounding as it often is with some of these metal bands.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-02-2012

Keywords : grindcore death metal thrash metal vegan

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