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As Friends Rust - Won

Doghouse, 2000, CD, Vinyl

When I hear the first track "We On some Next Level" it reminds me of this sad feeling of knowing that some life beyond your fucking wildest dreams is out there but that you are stuck in here trying to pretend it's where you want to be and not having the guts or the freedom to be able to change and move towards the horizon. I'm not saying they created some track that engenders that feeling per se, just that I feel that when I hear it in relation to my own personal shit that I have been through.

That song itself is specifically about a lot of kids in this hardcore/punk/underground scene who have had it fairly easy and spout all the usual  shit "self-congratulatory edicts spit from gold-plated mouths... never understand what it means to miss a meal". In this regard you have a band and a singer who will say this kind of thing when there are a million bands just singing about dull subjects or pretentious, self-righteous "slogans of wars never fought". I mean this is back in 2000 when there were a lot of bands heavily immersed in straight-edge, vegan and political topics. Now it's all gone to shit, that aspect of it, as the whole thing got swamped with a bunch of cock-suckers who care more about haircuts and rock and roll bullshit than anything else.

As Friends Rust always managed to create great sounding songs that were not typically highly stylised in one way or other, or part of one scene or one sound, more just good rock and roll songs with the passion and fire of hardcore / punk rock with Damien Moyal's superb and unique vocals.

Perhaps this was their most accomplished record in relation to musicianship, songs, refinement, sound etc. but when I listen to Fists Of Time it stirs up a lot of feelings of that zeitgeist sound of that era of mailorder distros and explosive live performances of obscure bands.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-02-2012

Keywords : hardcore florida hardcore rock and roll

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