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Scars Of Tomorrow - Design Your Fate

Let It Burn, 2007, CD

This reminds me of before nu-metal when there were these, how can I put it, "power-metal" type alternative metal bands with this heavy kind of grooving testosterone metal. Before the metalcore explosion, back in '94 I'm talking about, like bands influenced by Pantera. I never really liked any of it that much, though I might have liked some other metal bands, these type of bands always seemed simplistic. It's easy for a modern metalcore band to have some element of that style because of the nature of the music and dynamics, but here they have some other influences and styles which add to the whole thing and keep it from sounding like a bunch of thugs beating their chests with iron bars in protest to the daily struggle.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-02-2012

Keywords : metalcore groove metal alternative metal

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