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Bloodlined Caligraphy - Ypsilanti

Facedown, 2006, CD

I listened to this a while before I realised it was a girl screaming the lyrics out - that's how brutal it sounds. There aren't many female fronted bands in heavy music, I suppose the nearest one I can think of is Walls Of Jerico which has some similarities here. Also Kittie which I never really listened to much. Arch Enemy? I don't know much about them. I remember Human Waste Project when they did this song with Korn that was a Go-go's cover. I was so buzzed off that. Honestly. It was my favourite thing ever for a while. Jonathan Davis growling on it. Don't write and tell me it was Kittie with Korn either, because it wasn't it was Human Waste Project.

Anyway so if you are in a state like Michigan you probably want to hear this kind of thing because they will eat you alive there before you even get out of the door in the morning there. They even named the record after the place where they are from in that state. There are a lot of bands now playing this kind of hardcore/metal brutalcore crossover; it seems like it spawned from 18 Visions specifically but then also the whole movement got bigger as nu-metal, punk-revival, ska revival and a few other genres all died off. A lot of this shit is formulaic and full of posers but I really like this band, it's one of my favourite things recently. I even had a T-shirt of theirs but it got destroyed. The way they play is very tight and extremely brutal sounding. Fast parts, mosh parts, beatdowns, some catchy riffs, some melodic singing on occasions, like on "It can't Rain All The Time", without it turning into one of those sucky bands. It's a real good listen that you can get buzzed to. They pull in different influences from the spectrum of metal and hardcore but basically keep it very heavy and brutal throughout. Basically they totally nailed it to produce something great for fans of this kind of thing.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-02-2012

Keywords : metalcore deathcore thugcore

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