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Isis - Celestial

Escape Artist, 2000, CD, CD Digipack, 2x12" Coloured Vinyl

This is their first full-length after a few EPs, released in 2000. They also produed the SGNL-05 EP a year later which was part of these recording sessions.

I wrote a bit about Isis in other reviews of their first EPs and here they have a similar style as those EPs, but more consistent and even here. Each track seems to fit into the next and there is a style or theme to it all whereas on the EPs that came before this there are more experiments and diversions. Overall it can be considered a quite epic sounding record that set the standard for their later releases.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-02-2012

Keywords : instrumental post-metal experimental metal noisecore sludge metal

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