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Bad Relgion - Suffer

Epitaph, 1988, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Remastered CD, Limited Red Vinyl

In the late 80s Bad Religion started to release some decent records. Like one a year for ten years almost until it started to suck a bit. Suffer was one of the best with some classic tracks on it. Just real straight-forward, fast punk rock that was catchy. Most of the songs are between 1 and 2 minutes and have a similar vibe, namely that it is all fucked. It's all told in this like intellectualised, prophetised style through Greg Gaffin's vocals. It's almost like some timeless cautionary woe he's trying to get across to the peasants in the hope that they will rebel and overthrow the powers that be, or even just a eulogy to countless struggles that humanity has faced. It might as well be the wild west or the Tudor period in England or some other era as it has this particular spiritual quality to it that could apply to any time in history rather than modern day America. The music of course is based in old school hardcore and punk ( when the two were very similar ) and there are no major frills, maybe the occasional solo.

For 1988 this kills everything and sold a lot of records at the time for Epitaph. There is also a remastered version that Epitpah released around 2005 along with a few other of their records.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-02-2012

Keywords : punk rock rock and roll

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