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Isis - Sawblade EP

Hydra Head, 1999, Red CD Ltd, Black CD Ltd, Vinyl 12" Ltd

Sometimes I just think that Isis sounds like the soundtrack to a horror movie or to some terrible event in human history. It also sounds like some fucked up industrial machine somewhere in some big factory. If you have ever had a proper job with proper graft involved then you might have worked in one of these huge factories or complexes where it's just some huge layout of post-modern industrialised madness. Like all kinds of plants, walkways, areas, machines, conveyers, stairs, underground bits, overground bits, fucking god knows what. I mean a proper job, like night shifts for 12 hours where it gets to 4am and you are fucked and on your second wind, watching the clock just doing some dull tedium to get a few pounds to buy shit like the new Coal Chamber record. In those places, that kind of vibe, that kind of thing, it's something like what Isis might be trying to get across. That's what some of these tracks sound like. The first for instance sounds like its just getting going, just some dull thudding that then breaks out into the second track where there are some horrific, distorted industrialised vocals. It's almost like before nu-metal and the hardcore/metalcore explosion and "emo" and basically anything that was pretending to be cool... before that when it was still the thrash metal or grunge era and you had these bands that were basically some kind of groove metal with industrial leanings trying to get this apocalyptic bleak dirge across. It wasn't very cool, it was just a few geeks, freaks and a bunch of fuckups in Nine Inch Nails t-shirts.

Reviewed by indigo on 07-02-2012

Keywords : doom metal sludge metal noisecore experimental metal avant garde

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