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Killing The Dream - In Place Apart

Deathwish, 2005, CD

They had some other record that I couldn't get into that much, but this is a real bomb going off. Deathwish re-released this title that was on Rivalry records a year earlier.

Some of these modern hardcore and punk bands can really play. It's not just a bunch of dumplings sat round who just figured out the chords to In Bloom. It reminds me of when I first heard Pennywise back in the 90s and I had been listening to Green Day and Therapy and some other bands and Pennywise just sounded so fast with such tight riffs and manic drumming. It was something else. It's the same with this. It reminds me specifically of the band Carry On who had a record on Bridge Nine in the early part of the last decade. Also there would be reference points to the likes of Comeback Kid but whereas that is quite a triumphant, positive sounding thing, this is more pissed off and resigned to some level of hell and desperation. Whereas there is a feeling with Comeback Kid that we can "turn it around", as their name and records suggest, here it's more a case of everyone being fucked and there being some resignation to that.

Sometimes with these modern bands playing this agitated, modern hardcore it can sound too well-produced and the screams can sound like too-young-a-kids-to-be-that pissed-off, but here they manage to have a decent sound and mix and to not sound too half-baked. Ok, it's not Lemmy on his 60 a day but then it's not some brats with their manufactured screaming. Really it's a good hardcore record in this style that has a direct lineage back to the likes of the 88 youth crew bands and beyond.

Absolutely this rules.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-02-2012

Keywords : hardcore

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