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Ramallah - But A Whimper

Bridge Nine, 2002, CD, 2 x 7" Vinyl

I write this review on Panic just a few minutes ago about Bridge Nine releasing just hardcore records and then I listen to this for the first time and it throws that out a bit. This is the first record that I heard on the label where the band doesn't play straight-up old school style hardcore. This more like back in the day when we were into nu-metal and there were a few of these rap-metal, groove-metal type bands that mixed a few different styles together. So what this is I'm not sure but it sounds like from the late 90s. I'm not really sure that I like it. Some of it sounds pretty cool like some anthemic fist in the air, arise the masses revolution-core, but then it veers into ham-fisted chest beating cheese which is difficult for me to digest now. Back then? Yes maybe in between Zebrahead and Thumb records it might have gone on and got the place buzzing for a bit. It reminds me of going to rock clubs and loving every minute of it.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-02-2012

Keywords : metalcore groove metal rap metal alternative metal nu-metal

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