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Panic - Strength In Solitude

Bridge Nine, 2006, CD, Green Vinyl

Bridge Nine release a lot of good hardcore records. Not metalcore, emocore or any other bullshit, just straight up hardcore. This is another.

Panic play this stripped-down, almost punk rock attack. It's a real old-school sound without any modern influence, reminds me of Youth Of Today or something more brutal even. The singer sounds really pissed off of course but also has some snotty, punk rock style not-giving-a-fuck-ness to his vocals. The songs sometimes are just blasting along trying to keep up with his pissed off rants. Sometimes there are breakdowns but they don't last long and mainly its very fast and furious, noisy even, not one of these really over-produced bands - infact it sounds like its from the 80s not 2006. They even cover Unbroken.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-02-2012

Keywords : old school hardcore 88 hardcore punk rock

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