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Camber - Beautiful Charade

Deep Elm, 1997, CD, Vinyl

"Emo" has become a filthy word. You might as well go round talking about "God". But this is an emo record, if you want to take that term, that has validity to it. Whatever this mass-culture "emo" term has become is nothing to do with any of this, just to be clear. All that shit started when the guy in AFI wore some makeup and they released Black Sails.

Anyway, this is a proper 90s emo record where you have the jangling guitars with sketchy riffs and some guy whining on about how he feels. It's up there with the best records from that era - it has real nice songs to it and some soaring pieces and clever riffs. It sounds heartfelt and not some mass-produced shit. Basically they nailed it before all those filthy bands came out to denigrate the good name of emo.

Reviewed by indigo on 31-01-2012

Keywords : emo

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