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Trap Them - Seance Prime

Deathwish, 2007, CD, Coloured Vinyl, Digital

This is like when half of these styles of metal and punk that got cool were never cool. When half the bands were Japanese and all the sleeves to the records were black and white and the production always had this crusty sound. Infact I tried to copy this Plutocracy record to my computer the other day and the software had no clue where one track started and another ended so that was the end of that endeavour.

Trap Them basically play this fucked up crusty sounding thrash/grind/hardcore/punk. It's a real shot in the arm for anyone sick of this cock-rock hardcore/metalcore/emo bullshit that has been unleashed on the world. There are no hooks or choruses or whatever any person expects to hear when they listen to a regular rock record; it's more about the overall effect and texture to the thing and the raging heaviness of it.

Any 3 seconds of it sound like any other 3 seconds pretty much.

If someone got the record and used it for frisbee for a while it would still have the same sound of triumphant depravity afterwards. Really I should have just used that one line for the review and sacked off the rest.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-01-2012

Keywords : thrash grindcore hardcore crust Entombed-core

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