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Most Precious Blood - Nothing In Vain

Trustkill, 2001, CD, Vinyl

This is basically 4 members of Indecision playing similar sounding heavy, brutalcore. I read about something which talked about it being recorded in some asylum or some abandoned place for sailors near Stanton Island which is haunted and was produced by Ron Thal who was in Guns And Roses. Really that is fitting for this apocalyptic brooding vibe that they get going throughout.

It's not so different from Indecision, more raw perhaps. Some good beatdowns in that style where they just hammer the open string while palm-muting. Generally it's quite chaotic sounding though in the way that the riffs are built into it; no traditional song structures, quite dense to get through, few hooks. Fans of this type of metalcore that was on the go around 2000 will like it, again I can't get into it that easily, I have to listen it a few times just to get with it.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-01-2012

Keywords : metalcore 90s chaotic hardcore new york hardcore straight-edge vegan

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